Private Investigations

Joseph David LaBeau, MPA, M Ed.

Owner and Manager


"Intelligent and Professional "

We are a full service professional investigative agency staffed by top level investigators who are committed to working smart and serving clients well. 

When we start a job, we quickly find facts and begin collecting evidence. We stay in touch with our clients, informing them of progress and appropriately  including them in the decision making process.  

Texas License Number A20280

Professional Member, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators  

We Investigate

  Crimes or wrongs done or threatened 

    The identity, habits, business, occupation, knowledge, efficiency, loyalty, movement, location, affiliations, associations, transactions, acts, reputation, or character of a person

The location, disposition, or recovery of lost or stolen property


The cause or responsibility for a fire, libel, loss, accident, damage, or injury to a person or to property

  To secure, evidence for use before a court, board, officer, or investigating committee

 Forensic Specialists available in Accounting, Digital Analysis and Recovery, Electronic Surveillance and  Counter Surveillance, Document Examination, Engineering, Genealogy, Handwriting Analysis, Hypnosis, DNA Analysis, Mental Health, Polygraph, Serology, Toxicology, and more.  

True Service

Our ability to provide an ethical professional service that results in client satisfaction, trust, and loyalty is my primary consideration in deciding whether or not to accept a case. 

No Counseling Disclaimer:  The owner and manager is a practicing Licensed Professional Counselor. While he may use psychological knowledge and skills to enhance investigations,  He cannot perform any counseling services for persons/families who have approached JDLPI for PI services and vice versa. The two are independent services to strictly independent populations.   

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422 E Harrison St, Harlingen, Texas 78550, United States

(956) 873-7677 Texas Lic #A20280