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  • Professional Member Texas Association of Licensed Investigators
  • Physical Office in well known law office. 
  • Investment in latest professional equipment
  • Partnership with high-tech digital investigations group
  • Cutting-edge professional skills and knowledge- e.g., Open Source Intelligence  gathering

We are committed to earning your satisfaction, trust and loyalty by providing superior service at an affordable price. We will not accept a case unless we believe you will be very satisfied with our services. 


Court-room Skills

We are experts.  Our Chief of Investigations, Mr. LaBeau, has considerable witness and testimony experience in both civil and criminal court and is recognized as an expert witness in two District Courts.  His testimony and reports have withstood the scrutiny of the court in numerous cases, including capital murder and sexual assault criminal cases, civil law suits, including anti-trust, personal injury and wrongful discharge,  and family court in matters of custody and visitation.  


Thirty Years of Investigative Experience

Mr. LaBeau is a veteran of the USAF elite Security Forces where he was recognized as the Class Honor Graduate of USAF Police Academy he attended and was later selected for advanced law enforcement training by the OSI, FBI and US Customs. His later duty assignments included off-installation criminal investigation and security matters involving US military and  US Embassy personnel in Europe. Since leaving military service, he has accumulated over twenty years experience in government positions, the duties of which included special and corporate  investigative responsibilities. He is a certified handgun instructor and a registered security consultant. Most remarkably, he has also achieved licensure as a mental health professional, maintains an active private counseling practice,* and, in the course of this, has interviewed, diagnosed and treated hundreds of criminal offenders and suspects. He is recognized as a Clinical Criminal Justice Specialist by the American Association of Forensic Counselors.

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*For important ethical reasons persons who contact PI for investigative services cannot receive counseling services from Mr. LaBeau and persons who receive counseling services cannot receive investigative services.  The two services and roles must be kept entirely separate. 

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